Donnerstag, 12. November 2015

My favorites from Oasap!

Hey there!! I want to show you some items from Oasap which absolutely have stolen my heart.

Chic Color Block Striped Cardigan
Chic Color Block Striped Cardigan

Fashion Backless Bowknot Back Skate Dress 

I have to admit, that my favorite is the multi-coloured cardigan. It would match perfect to a casual outfit. Love it! I think it matches great to the current season and also for spring, aswell as the coat. It's really basic but still kind of elegant. The Blouse at first seems a bit "gothic". But I think it is perfect for autumn and if you pick it in winered it really would look beautiful. The skate dress is also quite basic if you look at it from the front. As you may notice I like basic but original things and the back of the dress is absolutely charming and cute, so you can choose from which side you will show it off :-)

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