Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

Cute ball point pen from Nur Besten

Last but not least I have a cute ball point pen for you. It is also from Nur Besten.

I really fell in love with this cute ball point pen, It comes with different designs, which you can't chose by yourself. It will be a surprise. I got this cute Panda pen. I have seen that there are also Bunnys and other designs. It is really cool and ideal for university. I like that it says "Sweetie" on it :-D

I recommend it!

Bye, bye blackheads tool from Nur Besten!

I want to show you a really nice tool to fight your blackheads. I got it from Nur Besten.

This blackhead remover tool has a good quality and a low price in my opinion. It is quite sharp so you have to be careful using it. Just good it comes with a gummi saver that hides the sharp part. The tool helps you to remove annoying blackheads and honestly it works great!!!
I recommend you to desinfect with alcohol after the use though. Both, your face and the tool.

Snowflake hairclips from Nur Besten

My next product are nice snowflake hairclips from Nur Besten.

The snowflake hairclips were actually really cheap. They did not even cost 1 €, The pack includes 5 pieces. At the beginning I was kind of confused because I did not know how they can hold my hair together. Then I found out that you have to press the sides with the "leafs" together. I honestly do not like how it looks and in my opinion they do not hold my hair good. I am a bit dissapointed with this product.

Hairclips from Nur Besten

The second product I ordered from Nur Besten are hairclips.

The metal hairclips come in a small bag with ten pieces. I was surprised by the quality. They are actually bigger than I have seen them on the pictures but I prefer them like that. They help me a lot when it comes to styling my hair. I can fix some parts of my hair with them while I style other parts meanwhile. A real help!